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Innovation Popcorn

Engaging Families in Problem Solving and Design

Watch Tutorials

Watch video tutorials on tools your children can use to be creative problem solvers

Download Game Kit

Download the free game kit containing all game elements to practice the tools in an engaging story

Play with your family

Enjoy the game in your living room with your children as you embark on an adventure of discovery, creativity, and problem-solving

Join the community

Join our community, share your experiences and chat with our global team 

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What will your children learn?

Teach your children innovation and design skills that will help them in problem-solving, generating creative solutions, and testing out these solutions in a fun, engaging game 
Identify Problems
Build Prototypes
Generate Ideas
Build on Feedback
Present Stories

Download The Kit!

  • Contains game elements that teach your kids critical thinking and design

  • Instructions for parents and game guide

  • Details explaining the design tools used in the game

  • Free to download and requires minimal preperation

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